So I do a lot of work in Gedit when I’m not using Vim. Lately I’ve been using it a considerable amount over Vim and wanted a better color scheme that was vibrant. I came across this article and was pleased to have found something I thought I would like. I have to say, I absolutely love it. All the colors are bright enough and different enough that when you want to look for one specific thing, nothing else stands about better. :D Included in the link are a lot of other things for making Gedit more TextMate like. From the sounds of it, TextMate seems to be an incredible editor, so I might have to check out some of those plugins soon.

You can download the darkmate theme for Gedit here:

If you’ve got any other theme or plugin suggestions for Vim or Gedit let me know. I need to build a perfect environment to develop in and I’m sure there are some life savers I haven’t come across yet.

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