Today was my last day at The Able Few. This marks the beginning of my new company, Lithos Labs. We had an amazing 10 months together at The Able Few and built a lot of really cool things. Although for me personally, something was missing.

For one, many of us spend our lives as followers. I have been guilty of this for 23 years. Most of the major decisions in life were directed by other people. Where I went to school, where I got my first few jobs, the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed how things went, but I had never felt like I was making the decision myself. If I did anything, there were several reasons pushing me to do so.

Starting my own company, however, is completely different. I choose who I work with, what I work on, when I work on it, and how I work on it. From this point forward, I control my destiny. Nobody is leading me down this path other than myself. It’s a new and refreshing feeling. I’ve wanted to strike out on my own for years now and if I kept pushing this off I may never start.

The best time to start was yesterday, second best time is today.

The second major reason for starting my own company is because of my past experience and goals. As an open source developer I have known what it’s like to build a product, ship it, maintain it, and grow a community around. Keryx had some die hard fans and I shipped over 100,000 copies. I knew I was building something people wanted, needed, and loved. Knowing I’m always working on something that matters is incredibly important to me.

That’s why, as I move forward I want to focus on building products that matter. Focusing on topics such as education, company culture, and anything to simplify people’s lives, we hope to achieve success by helping others do the same.

We will be doing consulting and contract work, so if you’d like to hire us please contact us.

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