This past week was Thanksgiving and the infamous Black Friday. Every year I’m reminded of the importance of creating things. I’d rather be the one behind the counter selling products than the one racing through the store to grab a new TV. I think most people would, but it comes down to their mindset.

A lot of people look at the world as a set of rules and regulations. We must follow those rules, try not to smash into the walls, collect our bi-weekly paychecks and hope that we can afford a house of our own eventually. This is the mindset of the average consumer and that’s absolutely fine.

As a developer though, I can often catch myself looking at the world from a different angle. Black Friday screams “Look at how all these people line up to buy things they don’t need just because you made it feel special.” People wait days. Hundreds of people in line. Strategic plans to grab the 3 items they want to get before they’re gone.

Seeing this from another perspective makes you realize that you could be the one selling things. You could be the person where people are waiting in line to buy from you. The more you create, the more your focus shifts from consuming things to helping people. And that’s a wonderful thing.

When you realize this, you can start looking at the world differently. You notice opportunities. Ways to help. Ways to make a difference. Ways to get ahead. Ways to actually live your life. You realize that almost everything in the world was created by other people just like you. Those people orchestrated something magnificent.

And yet, what they did seemed impossible for you to do. Actually, it was impossible to you before, but now you have creator’s goggles on. It’s like peering at the world through an x-ray machine. You can see how things are accomplished. How things are created. How sales are made. You see everything as an opportunity. You see the future.

Maybe you’re not to this point yet. Maybe you’re starting to realize it, but it hasn’t truly sunk in yet. “How do I get there?” you ask. The way you get there is by creating. By doing.

Buy less, create more.

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