Today I decided to finally get around to rooting my Motorola Droid that I received for going to the Google I/O conference. After going back to the 2.0.1 firmware using RSD Lite, I realized that I had to reactivate my phone. I’m out of service range so the phone call couldn’t be completed, and I no longer have my trial month of service even if it did work. Luckily there is an easy way to bypass activation and still use your phone as an internet tablet.

Simply touch each corner of the screen (I used inside the black area where the android logo was) starting with the top left and moving clockwise around it. You’ll jump right into the home screen and be ready to go! Hope that helps!

This worked for only certain versions on my Motorola Droid. Every time on boot I am presented with the activation screen still, however I can bypass it by simply pressing Home (now that I am running Bugless Beast v0.4). I’ve also had the experience where I couldn’t bypass it with these methods, doing the activation call a couple of times, failing, and then pressing home let me through. Who knows what might work for you, but eventually you can get through.

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