Have you ever known someone who was a talker? They could literally sit there all day and talk about how excited they were about doing something, and yet, at the end of the day nothing had been done. We’ve all done it actually. Some of us to a further extent than others.

We don’t want to be naive going into a new venture. Whether it’s a startup or a relationship, we want to feel like we have a good understanding of what we’re getting into before we make our attempt. In reality, this can set you back a long time. You may never feel confident enough to get started.

Do you know what will make you feel confident enough though? Experience.

If you’re a programmer, you’ll know this feeling. You can see example code that works, but until you actually run it for yourself, you don’t fully realize how it works. Just the simple act of doing allows you to have a much greater understanding, no matter how true the words you read are. Just reading this blog post won’t make you realize how much doing matters. You have to do in order to truly realize this. You’re probably thinking “oh he’s right, I should work harder” but that’s as far as you take it.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, working at fulltime isn’t going to help you. If you want to become a ladies man, you’ve got to start talking to women. If you want to become a doctor, reading about it won’t help you. Whatever it is, sitting at home won’t help you.

Get To Work Son

Remove yourself from the talker pool. From now on it’s either a Hell Yeah! or No. Start doing what you talk about. Finish what you start. Nobody cares about your ideas. Nobody cares about your half finished product. They’ve seen this a thousand times, another guy with another goal who isn’t actually trying that hard.

Deciding on what language to use for a project? What person to talk to? It doesn't matter. Make quick decisions. If you made the wrong one, you’ll be able to tell pretty early on and you can go fix it easy enough. Make the decisions that actually matter.

You can read about a topic forever, but that doesn’t mean you can actually do it.

Know when to stop reading and start doing.

Reading only provides suggestions, you can’t know exactly what to learn until you start doing.

Do you catch yourself doing this too? How do you convince yourself to take action instead?

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