This might be a post more for myself than for others, but hey, I started this blog to keep track of my own thoughts. I’m just happy if anyone gets a nugget of help or inspiration.

Lately I haven’t been feeling as good as usual. The time change makes the sun set incredibly early now. I picked up the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and basically didn’t go outside for a week and a half. I stopped working out. I stopped my evening reading. It was terrible.

But I think I’ve beaten it. Everyone knows that some of our best thinking gets done in the mornings in the shower. It’s awesome. I’ve talked myself through a lot of complicated things before. After realizing that I was losing track, I wondered how I could fix this downward spiral.

My solution? Talking long walks. I’ll walk for at least half an hour. Nowhere in particular. The fresh air, the atmosphere of the city, the bustling the strangers walking down the street. All of these things I don’t get at the office or at home for extended periods of time.

Sure, I’m probably more prone to depression than some people. My mom is like this, my grandparents, and so on. It’s beatable, but the wrong thing to do is worry. I can sit there staring my email all night and get nothing done, or I can go relax for a bit and then come back and work hard for an hour productively.

At the end of the day things can feel pretty awful. You had a bad day at work, relationship problems, whatever. My solution is to go take a walk. Think about it. Think if it is really that bad. Chances are it isn’t. Make sure to take time out of the day for yourself to think and be detached.

Quit worrying about things so much. It will always work out in the end. No happiness ever comes out of worrying.

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