Today I was about to backup some files to my external drive, I realized I hadn’t installed anything to allow writing to NTFS on OSX Lion yet. After researching the problem, it’s relatively easy, but not entirely perfect.


Hop on over to the new successor to MacFUSE and grab the download here: . I installed this including the MacFUSE compatibility option.

Install NTFS-3G

The free NTFS-3G we need to install next. You can grab that **here**.

It looks like this has been defunct for a while, but there is a paid version that is replacing it.


Your drive should now be writable. You may find that you are getting this timeout error:

This shouldn’t cause any problems, but if you would like, you can install this fix: based on the code here:

Everything seems to be working splendidly after that. It’s a little more trouble than you’d imagine it should be, but all in all, not too bad.


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