Russell Davies’ excellent post the other day challenged people to be more interesting. This something I think a lot of people need to read.

We are the Myspace, the Facebook, and the Twitter generation. We are so called “social” people. What do we do? We post things about ourselves on these networks to share with others. These services are filled with people primarily posting about themselves. They’re not sharing. They’re bragging and trying to feel important.

Those people with thousands of followers? They don’t post about themselves as often. They share interesting articles, images, and videos. And not only that, they start conversations about them.

We all like to talk about ourselves to some extent. It’s human nature. We can’t help it.

But being interesting isn’t that hard. Just be able to converse about lots of topics without talking about yourself.

What we could do better though is to create value. Create conversations, write about things you normally wouldn’t, share content. Write responses about movies you’ve seen, images you’ve found, articles you’ve read.

Being able to converse on any topic will allow you to network better, build better friendships, connect with more customers, and generally improve your life.

Get other people’s opinions on things, learn something from them. Be curious. Be interesting.

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