Quite a while back I had the idea of doing a podcast. Of course, like everything else, the idea got tucked underneath a huge pile of papers in the filing cabinet you might call my brain. I’m happy to say that I’ve joined a podcast called Techie Trio with a couple of my friends Oliver Krystal and Michael Secord. Sure we might ramble and get lost in conversation a bit, it’s kind of a fun project (or should we call it experiment?) that we have all been working on. The Techie Trio homepage is over at for anyone interested. :-)

Along with that, today I was put on trial for my good friend Zach Thibeau’s podcast. We talked about Keryx, Linux, and some other random topics. Check it out if you’d like to hear a little background on Keryx, how it got started, over at: http://zachthibeau.com/blog.php/podcast-episode-2/

It’s interesting to say that I have never met anyone of them in person, but we chat all the time online. Pretty cool to see what a little internet sprinkled on things can do. Or is it creepy? All in all I’d have to say I would have liked to get started doing podcasts a while ago. I’m sure I’m terrible at it, but given enough hours droning on and on about random tech, we should eventually be good at it right? o_O

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