Home for the summer means coming back home to dialup. I built a desktop computer for work and needed internet connectivity, even though the best I can get is dialup at home. I’ve got a Zoom 3095 USB modem and I am running a dual boot of Debian and Windows XP.

Being the Linux user that I am, working from Windows XP consistently was not much of an option so I set out to get Gnome-PPP installed on Debian. I used Keryx to gather the packages for me. The Zoom modem’s USB entry in lsusb was:

Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0803:3095 Zoom Telephonics, Inc.

The modem was detected properly with Debian and connected fine.

The problem I’m facing is that the modem’s transfer speeds are very slow. It’s basically a 14.4 kb/s connection at best. Installing the dgcmodem driver from linuxant.com did nothing to improve the speeds I am getting. Does anyone have a fix? I’m a bit stumped at the moment for what to do.

For now I’ve setup a WinXP VM in Virtualbox and am using the modem through it. Kind of a pain but certainly easier than using two computers for work.

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