Every time I hear someone talk about Steve Jobs it is either insurmountable praise or it’s hatred. The man was a legend. At the very worst, he gave you something amazing to complain about. iPhone 4s not what you expected? Complain that it’s not good enough.

Meanwhile in hundreds of other countries, children are running around shoeless. They have more problems with their feet than you can imagine.

I look around today at who is writing in memory of Steve Jobs. Among them? Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Vic Gundotra from Google have written amazing little pieces about him. Why would they do that if they’re truly arch nemeses like the media makes them out to be?

That’s right, their not. If they are, they are all men here and know when to draw the line. Life is finite and there is more to it than complaining. With Steve, they set out to take the world places we never expected. You should be too. After all, if you’re not doing the absolute best you could be, what’s the point?

John Gruber put it best:

One of Jobs’s many gifts was that he knew what to give a shit about

It’s as simple as that. So next time you start complaining about something, think about what Steve would do. You may not take his approach, but you can be sure he would want everyone trying their hardest. Go do the same.

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