As a student in Google Summer of Code 2009, I was accepted to work on the WinLibre project. WinLibre is a package management system for Windows. Our task? To revive the project, abandoned 5 years ago in December of 2004. As part of the team of three student developers, I have been tasked to develop the package creator for WinLibre. I have a strong background in Linux over the past several years and have worked intimately with both deb and rpm based distributions. Debian based distros using the apt package system have always been a favorite of mine, so what better way to base WinLibre off of one of the most reliable and flexible package systems?

My first step for the project is to fully document how packages will be structured. This includes naming conventions, versioning, meta-data declarations, and install scripting. I have written up a rough draft of the packaging policy which you can download here:

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