Getting a degree in computer science teaches you lots of things from a conceptual point of view. As we get out there are and start building software though, we realize we have forgotten, or simply don’t know how to apply those concepts. Maybe we never were taught certain things before. For instance, I was never taught the concept of “Tell. Don’t ask.”

I wouldn’t consider myself an exceptional programmer, but I am striving to achieve that within a couple years. The content we normally see online is targeted at beginners. And that’s great.

At some point you may hit a standstill where you know you’re not a great developer but you’re not sure where to go next. I did and I wasn’t sure where to look. The advanced topics out there are usually too advanced for me to understand and really apply on a daily basis. Railscasts are great in the Rails world, but they’re very specific. This is great, but sometimes you want to understand how the hell he writes such clean code.

This also should be language agnostic. In order to become a great developer, you should be able to understand not just programming concepts but security, linux, and more.

We need content that breaks down these topics into bite sized chunks. That’s how you can progress when you have coworkers explain things to you. I want to take those explanations and make them more available to the average developer.

So if you’re interested, please take a minute to fill out this quick survey and let me know if you’re interested!

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