Chris Oliver

It's your life's work. You want a development team that understand this.

It's something I hear time and time again. Developers tend to think from their point of view. They understand how to write and use complicated software but that's because they do it for a living.

Most developers won't sit down with you long enough to really understand your problems.

They're too focused on shoveling this complicated software in your direction that they have already built. It doesn't really fit your needs, but they assure you they can bend it into something you can use.

But that's barely better than the complicated spreadsheet in Excel that you use right now, only it's probably less flexible.

The trouble is you've got this problem that needs to be solved with software, but you need to find a developer who can build a solution that is going to be simple for you to use and isn't going to break the bank.

Shouldn't you be able to find a developer that understands your problems?

Imagine being able to sit down and talk with a developer who understands you and your business. They understand budgets, goals, and work with you to really iron out your online business.

What if the developer you hired could:

Increase your customer life time value
Build more loyalty with your customers
Improve your bottom line
Create a large return on investment in the web

What if you could sit back and relax knowing that you had a developer who was going to do the right thing?

We do things differently because we care about you and your customers.

Our services cover a wide range of web development, from building your first prototype to rehabbing a rickety old website.

The process we take is to build software in iterations. We build one chunk at a time to make sure that it works as planned.

Companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook don't make major changes overnight. They improve their software step by step, measuring each improvement to make sure people like what they're building.

You'll notice that these successful online companies don't operate on assumptions, they operate on data.

We build, measure, improve and grow your online business. Great software comes from experimenting with ideas and finding the right answers.

That's our process and it produces amazing results.

Chris Oliver

Hi, I'm Chris Oliver. I do web development using Ruby on Rails and Javascript in St. Louis, MO. My programming career started in the seventh grade, building open source software, spending a summer participating in Google Summer of Code, and eventually getting into web development with Python and Ruby on Rails. I moved to Saint Louis to spend more time with other developers and grow the developer community.