Yesterday’s code sprint was inspired by TeamColtra who was looking for a lightweight IRC bot that was capable of accepting pastes, submitting them to, and then notifying all the recipients with the link. The idea was to make IRC pasting super simple for anyone to do.

Being a holiday weekend and it being rather boring around the house, I figured why not. So we set out to build the bot, which proved to be fairly simple. It’s structure is very lightweight and we spent a few hours working on it and eventually had the finished product: PasteBot.

It is capable of sending notifications or regular messages to both channels and users as well as notifying the paster of a sucessful paste. The help message is sent whenever a user sends a PM that is not related to a paste making it easy for anyone to use.

If you find any bugs or feedback, please be sure to leave a comment or send me an email. I’d like to hear about its usefulness or improvements that could be made. Hope you enjoy it!

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