For a project I have been working on recently, I came across the need to tabify the dock widgets I was using. The default addDockWidget function will add the widgets to the dock side by side which is not what I had wanted. tabifyDockWidget turned out to be what I was looking for, but when you tabify the widgets, the second one is selected. Looking through the documentation, I found nothing as to how I was supposed to select that specific tab, or how to even access the tab widget that was automatically created.

Doing a bit of googling really did not do me any justice until I came across a question about it on stackoverflow. It turns out that the widget needs only to be “raised” instead of selected. This naming scheme threw off my google fu until I landed on this question and found the answer. Here’s a snippet of my code inside a QMainWindow:

# Make each widget a tab
self.tabifyDockWidget(self.playbackDock, self.timeDock)

# Select the first tab

And voila! The first tab is selected by default now. :D

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