If you’ve ever used Omniauth, it’s probably one of the most useful damn gems to come across.

There are lots of examples with your basic Twitter and Facebook auth, but sometimes it is hard to find examples on others. Take 37Signals ID for example. I wanted to integrate this but it wasn’t being helpful at all. I’d get redirected but response_type=code was being set and didn’t seem right. When you click the login link you just get taken to a blank web page.

Thankfully sferik contributes to like every single ruby project on github explained the reason for this here where a solution was posted to the problem:

config.omniauth :thirty_seven_signals, client_id, client_secret, {:type => 'web_server'}

And voila! You’re off to the races. The response_type still gets sent even though it shouldn’t be, however this doesn’t screw up anything.

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